Monday, February 21, 2011

A New Message from Sherri Warren:

This is Sherri Warren (Keith's sister)and I wanted to share my thoughts today with this board. My good friend decided to put this blog site up and help me and my family. She is my voice to help get closure for me and my family and they are the ones who put the previous information up. It dawned on me today, if you think about it who holds the entities, that hold us accountable for our actions, accountable for theirs? The thought and premise is to use the network and web to update the situation, to show how the state of Maryland local and state government everyday for the last 25yrs has allowed someone to get away with murder and turn their backs on my family. It is to also let those involved know that me and my family are not going away. We are in desperate need of help. This situation could happen to you or someone you know. You have a black man strung up on tree in 1986, you have physical evidence that was admittedly destroyed by local law enforcement, you have an additional questionable death surrounding this situation, and you have crime scene photo's which clearly show evidence of cover-up.What more would you need if you were in law enforcement to re-investigate, re-open or at the least care about Keith Warren. My family and friends of Keith Warren are working hard to put as much information out to show that this is not speculation but FACT! My family needs YOUR help in getting the information out to those in the national media. Please share your ideas, comments and concepts. My family is open to any and all suggestion. My family believes the local media is hesitant to cover this story due to political connections. That is why we have to now step outside of Maryland and show how utterly ridiculous it is for the Maryland judicial system to ignore this situation hoping that it will go away. I become frustrated but I will not stop we will continue to put the STATE OF MARYLAND and MONTGOMERY COUNTY on BLAST!.... There are others victims of the Maryland state medical examiner in the 80's and 90's and we will find them and join with them to expose the inaccuracy and laziness of that office. We want everyone to know that as you sit comfortably in your house, office, car wherever you may be you are just a moment in time from your life being changed and damaged by those sworn into office to protect and serve. Whether or not the police were directly involved why wont they try to do right? Their silence is just as damaging as the crime of putting Keith on the tree. I invite you to review the information given listed below on Keith W Warren, this is a case of a lynching that was ruled as a suicide, in Montgomery County Maryland in 1986. This is a conspiracy that extends to the highest ranking government office's in the State of Maryland. There is much information, that shows this suicide is NOT the TRUTH! There is a Facebook (Keith W Warren) campaign to get this case re-opened and re-investigate. My mom passed in '09 and and I watched her fight the last 23yrs of her life trying to get help from those who are in the position to give it. But all she got was ignored and disrespected. This July will be the 25th anniversary of Keith's death. This story was profiled on Unsolved Mysteries as you know, Jet Magazine, as well my mom was interviewed several times on the local ABC news channel 7. Your help is greatly needed. Below are the links to the above mentioned video's. I ask you to view the information and give your opinion of what you think happen. Why did the police department do so much to cover it up? Why wont the state of Maryland help my family and re-open this case. If you have any ideas to help this family please post. Also please visit Keith Warren Justice Site. Be warned the official police pictures secretly given to the family of Keith strung up on the tree are posted on that site. I appreciate your time and energy.,,,
Keith Warren Justice Site


  1. Sherri, thank you for your kind words. I'm glad to be considered a friend. After a few years of knowing you, I can honestly say you are family to me. A blog is the least I can do.

    Saying that, this post was so poignant. We're on our way, I promise. Way to go, Sherri, well written.

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