Monday, November 29, 2010

Week of 11/29/10 Hot Tip #1:

Caller states that the configuration of the rope through the trees is ritualitstic. Caller has torn down satanic alters and there are similarities to the M.O. that satanists use. Caller says the chemicals involved are also similar to what black magic high-priests use. Mr. Alercia gave caller his number so that he could discuss [this] further. Agent told to hot tip.

[It should also be noted that this caller wanted to state that high-priests tend to be doctors, lawyers, councilmen, etc.]

The Case Packet Cometh:

A week and a half ago, Joe Alercia was able to get the full case file to me.

For those of you who do not know, or do not remember, Joe Alercia was, and still very much is, the PI on the Keith Warren case. If you want to know anything that has come or gone in the last 20 past years, you consult Joe.

So, I have been spending every last minute pouring over thousands of pages of material. Everything from Keith's Mother's personal pleas to the DA, Councilmen, State and US Officials, to psychic tips and crack pots pouring in on the Unsolved Mysteries "Hot Leads Hotline".

Some of it heartbreaking, some of it frustrating, some of it trustworthy, and some of it down right ridiculous. I've asked Sherri, Keith's sister, if I can start posting one of these "Hot Leads" a week to generate discussions, and she has given me permission. I'll be posting this week's after this post. I'll disclose everything on the note aside from the person's name, phone number, or address as I do not deem leaking their personal information necessary.

If you read this "Hot Lead" and it sounds familiar, please contact me, or Joe Alercia. I will post Joe's business card information permanently on the blog site on the sidebar so that, from now on, ANYONE who needs to get a hold of him for their own reasons, or for reasons pertinent to this case may get a hold of him directly.

Some of the things coming up for the new year on this blog:

1) An interview with the head of the chemistry department at BYU to discuss TCE 1-1-1 which was found in Keith's body posthumously.

2) A visit to Maryland to revisit the scenes of the crime and to take photos of the area where Keith was found.

3) Possible interviews with friends of Keith's.

4) A complete breakdown of the 1000 + pages of information in Keith's case file including the letter sent to Janet Reno.

Please stay tuned this next year as Joe and Sherri help to release much of what the public has never gotten to read about this case. This blog is your last chance as an American Citizen at staying informed about what can and has happened in our justice system, and what we can do to make sure people like Sherri Warren see some sort of justice for their loved ones. She is the last member left in the Warren trio, as Mary died in 2009. Please help us by following the blog and spreading the word. Justice will be served.