Friday, December 24, 2010

Manila Envelope Photo 5:

Manila Envelope Photo 4:

Manila Envelope Photo 3:

Manila Envelope Photo 2:

Manila Envelope Photo 1:

Manila Envelope, 5 photos, and 25 years worth of mystery......

Monday came this week and I caught the flash of a blinking light on my phone. I had an email, and it was from Sherri.

The heading, along with the body, were punctuated with little friendly apologies, and I have to be honest, I wasn't fully paying attention to the email as I was out of town and out to dinner when I received it. Then, out of nowhere, 5 images appear. They're not subtle, perfumed, easy to swallow, or indicative of an honest situation; the kind of situation a a depressed young man finds himself in at the end of years of struggle.

These are the photos of a cold, selfish cover-up. The feet dragging, the obvious lack of a place to jump, the crusted dirt and leaves on the back, the ill-fitted clothing, none of it makes any sense.

And then there's the hands, balled in fists, not flat at the sides like someone who surrendered to his fate, or chose it.

I implore you to look carefully at each of these photos. Look at the young man standing in the background,  the odd picnic basket-looking contraption in most of the shots, and the over-all nature of these photos. You be the judge. If they do not look staged or unusual to you, say that. This is a forum of discussion, and all opinions are appreciated. The same goes for inconsistencies. If any are found, or the pictures do not sit right with you, voice your concerns on this blog and be heard. All opinions deserve a voice.

A great thanks to Sherri and her family for trusting me to do the right thing with these photos and for letting them be publicly viewed once again. You and your family are a strong and lovely bunch of people.



Before I post my next to segments, let me first apologize for the delay in some of these as of late. The Holidays are upon us, and I myself celebrate both Thanksgiving and Christmas, which has made it rather difficult to keep these posts coming rapid fire.

I would also like to send my apologies to ENJohnson and TDA who have posted comments to several of the posts on the blog and have been in contact with Sherri. I owe you both many conversations as this is a place of discussion and FOREMOST, a place to refresh the case and discuss new ideas and possible theories or leads for Joe and Sherri.

Thank you to all of you who continue to read, and for those of you who take it a step further and post, Kudos.


Monday, December 13, 2010

Week of 12/13/10 Hot tip # 3:

***Just as a heads' up, this week's tip is short, but I feel it has grounds for discussion***

The caller wants to share her theory on the case. She thinks that the victim(s) knew something about the "Black" gang and this is the reason why they (Keith and Mark) were killed.

***I would also like to state that the guys looking for Keith have always seemed suspicious to me as well, but I wouldn't base the entire case around them***

Monday, December 6, 2010

Posts and Discussions:

Please start posting your comments, questions, and discussion points to this blog. It does Joe, Sherri, and I no good to create this place of knowledge and discussion if no one is using it properly.

Thank You,


Week of 12/06/10 Hot tip #2:

Caller saw show about half-way and rambled throughout conversation. Stated he let some girl live with him for a few weeks back in November and he thinks she knew Keith. Girl's name was Kim Wilson. Whereabouts of Kim Wilson unknown at the present time. States Kim Wilson told him about a guy she knew was murdered and caller seems to think the guy Kim was talking about was Keith because she showed him a picture of victim she knew was murdered and caller thinks he looked like Keith. No other specific information was known about him (workplace, residence, whereabouts). Caller did say she had Toyota Camry but no specific details were remembered about car. Caller said he had talked with Larry Russell, a detective with Decatur PD earlier today and shared info with him. When I tried to obtain more information from caller, he kept saying, "It's a long story," and would give no further details. Nothing further.