Wednesday, January 19, 2011

A personal post from Sherri Warren:

Keith Warren died in Silver Springs, Maryland in 1986, one month away from starting college. Paramedics found Keith in a wooded area behind the family townhouse, hanging from a tree by the neck, bent double with his weight.
After a ‘very’ brief investigation, the authorities concluded that Keith had committed suicide despite the fact that rope was tied around the bigger tree to support the smaller tree, how can a suicide victim tie ropes around two separate trees and hoist themselves up?
Surprisingly, no autopsy was ordered and the body was immediately dispatched to a funeral home ‘without’ the Warren family being notified. Police have since admitted they cut the tree down.
A month after the funeral. The Warren family had returned home from an outing, one of the relative’s wanted to see the tree in the back, where Keith was found. When they arrived at the spot, the tree had been mysteriously cut down without their knowledge.
On Keith’s birthday, his mother received a package, the package contained 5 official looking police photos which showed different angles of Keith hanging by the neck, wearing someone else’s clothing. Police have admitted they are official copies of the photo's taken by the investigating team.
The family hired a private investigator; who was instrumental in having the body exhumed. The Medical Examiner found high levels of TCE (potent chemical found in glue and solvents) in his body. This chemical is so potent; after digesting, you are dead before you hit the ground. The Forensic Pathologist stated, “I believe Keith Warren’s death being listed as a suicide is medically not supportable.” - information courtesy of


  1. Hi Sherri....I have a continual flow of tears for you and your mom, not some much for being sad, even though I am for Keith, but b/c I innately understand the fight and I'm in awe of your courage and tanacity in your persuit of the truth regarding your loss. I share your loss (I consider him my little brother, now....?what a good guy with so much promise for the future he was....I was 23yrs old when this happend).

    Keith couldn't have had a better mom or sister. You both have proven that love conquers all and endures all...I believe that b/c of your unyielding support and everlasting love for Keith, truthful answers WILL come to light and justice will finally be served, in this case. I, myself, learned of this from the show called Unsolved Mysteries. I find myself revisiting this story after learning of, yet another similar story, of a loss in Mississippi (Black man found on a tree/ lack of support from officals)....I have nothing but love for you and those involved in this painstaking task of getting to the bottom for the truth regarding this very sad story. My friends and family are just getting word of your family's loss (Keith Warren), your son/brother, and everyone has a stunned silence response. We will pass the word and offer up our prayers, on the daily for him. (BTW)It would be nice if there could be a daily group prayer session for help in resolving this. I don't have to tell you that there is power in prayer....I'm not "religious", myself, but I do believe in GOD and I know for myself that GOD never lies and never fails....

    Everyone involved on this end thinks you and your mom are incredible for your time and effort put into finding answers to this tragedy. This may be a story with many mysteries, but my family is a praying family and we believe that the Great Creator can and will unlock this for you and Keith will finally RIP......

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