Monday, December 6, 2010

Week of 12/06/10 Hot tip #2:

Caller saw show about half-way and rambled throughout conversation. Stated he let some girl live with him for a few weeks back in November and he thinks she knew Keith. Girl's name was Kim Wilson. Whereabouts of Kim Wilson unknown at the present time. States Kim Wilson told him about a guy she knew was murdered and caller seems to think the guy Kim was talking about was Keith because she showed him a picture of victim she knew was murdered and caller thinks he looked like Keith. No other specific information was known about him (workplace, residence, whereabouts). Caller did say she had Toyota Camry but no specific details were remembered about car. Caller said he had talked with Larry Russell, a detective with Decatur PD earlier today and shared info with him. When I tried to obtain more information from caller, he kept saying, "It's a long story," and would give no further details. Nothing further.

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